Rochester Minnesota park view


As your 5th Ward Councilperson, I understand the issues facing the city of Rochester. Below are just a few of the issues that have been brought to my attention. Where do you think the city council’s focus should be? Contact me with your thoughts.

  • Affordable Housing.  We need to raise the standards for affordable housing. The current minimum standards are too low.
  • Green Spaces.  We need to set aside spaces to keep our city green. New developments need to keep spaces for parks, trails and families to enjoy the outdoors. As your councilperson, I will work with the DMC board and city planning to assure that the development includes these spaces for our future enjoyment.
Rochester Minnesota District Ward Map for Voting
  • Lower Crime.  Our city should have a zero tolerance policy for crime. We should support community-based policing and installation of security cameras in strategic areas of the city.
  • Transportation.  In the future of DMC and increased population, we need to place importance on expanding our bus system and developing our trails to make commuting to the downtown areas more convenient and user friendly.
  • Tobacco Use by Our Teens. In Rochester, the use of e-cigarettes/vapes has increased in the past year. The high schools are hosting speakers and assemblies about this topic. This article speaks of this issue as an epidemic in American teens.
Silver Lake in Rochester Minnesota

Shaun C Palmer – City Councilperson Ward 5

Hello Friends and Citizens of Ward 5,

My family and I have been involved and invested in the Rochester community our entire lives. I am proud to have been born, raised and educated in Rochester. It will be my honor to represent my neighbors of the 5th Ward on the Rochester City Council. I will do my best to make your voices heard, make sure you taxpayer dollars are used responsibly, and use my experience in the construction industry and my stalwart leadership skills to be an active part of the decisions that affect our city.

James J. Hill once said "Great cities do not happen by accident." It is my plan to encourage the city leaders to try new approaches to old problems and make Rochester a city that believes in zero tolerance for crime, affordable housing for all, and one where fairness prevails. Contact me with any questions and visit my social media for timely updates!

Shaun Palmer Rochester Minnesota Councilperson